Natural Ways to Feel Happier


Most people’s primary goal is to feel happy. Yet so many are brought to desperation because their desire seems elusive. One thing to remember, is that your happiness is in your own hands. This statement might sound like a cliché, but nonetheless it is completely true. Happiness does not have to be a distant dream, it is an achievable goal that depends on your own actions and thoughts. So, instead of falling prey to the blues, read on and find out what are some completely natural ways to feel happier.

  • Take charge of your life

It is not uncommon to feel the pressure of what you are supposed to do according to society, your friends and family or a significant other. Humans are social being that need to be feel included, in order to feel safe. This has a very simple natural explanation – think about prehistoric times when people had few tools to defend themselves with and were endangered by many predators. Back then, the only way for an individual to stay safe, was to be a part of the group or tribe. If someone was shunned by the group, he would not be able to survive on his own. Today, this sort of mentality is still a part of human societies, even though now it is more about emotional, rather than physical survival. Wanting to please others, even on a subconscious level, is completely natural. Yet, it is essential to remember that you are a valuable individual with important desires and personality traits. Making your own lifestyle choices, such as choosing your profession or intimate partner, is one of the most important steps to improving your wellbeing.

  • Eat well

The food you ingest has an enormous effect on both your body and psyche. While some foods help reach emotional balance and calmness, others make you agitated and depressed. Paying attention to what you eat is an important step on the way to achieving constant happiness. Essentially, you should choose more fresh, organically grown foods. Fruits and vegetables that have been treated with pesticides, as well as commercially raised farm animals, contain a lot of hormones and chemicals that induce stress in the human organism, which may have a lot of negative repercussions, including chronic depression. Additionally, try staying away from packaged foods, as well as fried meals. Saturated fats and artificial sweeteners might make you feel good at first, but they disrupt the delicate hormonal balance in your body and take you further away from feeling happy.

  •  Exercise

Physical activity is the one thing that can always help with any emotional issue. Working out stimulates the production of two very important hormones in your body – endorphin and dopamine. They are called the happiness hormones, as they are able to affect your mood in a very positive way. Exercising is especially beneficial if you do it outdoors, since natural shapes, sounds and colors sooth the brain. If you are physically able and think you might enjoy it, hiking is one of the best ways to improve your happiness levels. Not only will you stimulate your brain to produce happiness hormones, but you will also get a sense of accomplishment and serenity from hiking up to a mountain top and marveling in the gorgeous view.


Doing something selfless for others increases your empathy levels, which then allows you to see your own life and problems from a different, more positive perspective. Besides, volunteering for a cause that you believe in installs a sense of pride and makes you feel needed – both essential factors for sky-high happiness levels. Besides, devoting your time to an important cause will help you meet like-minded people. This is beneficial, because positive social interactions play an important role in achieving happiness.

Using natural ways to feel happier is always better than taking anti-depressants, but remember that if you start feeling too overwhelmed or under the weather, a therapist can talk things over with you and help you find the reasons behind your troubles. Seeing a therapist to improve your wellbeing is a great addition to other natural techniques and does not have to involve taking pharmaceuticals.


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