Effective Lemon Beauty Hacks


Although they are sour, lemons, literally are warehouses of vital minerals that are beneficial in beauty treatments. Everything from its pulp to peel is packed with nutritional contents. Lemons are rich in vitamin-C and are absolutely free of fats and cholesterol. When it comes to effectiveness, the best of man-made products just cannot beat the efficacy of a lemon.

  • Lemon removes blackheads, acne and acne scars

Peeping blackheads really spoil the beauty of a lovely face. People with blackheads unknowingly develop a nasty habit of fidgeting with their noses and it is certainly embarrassing when they do that in public. This hack will help them break their habit of playing with their noses, hereafter. Try rubbing a quarter of lemon on the affected part for a few minutes every day, until the results start showing up. The naturally acidic ingredients of a lemon are styptic in nature and will drive away blackheads, acne and acne scars. This is gentle natural remedy and much better than using cosmetics packed with synthetic chemicals. Try this today!!

  • Sugar n’ Lemon scrub

This hack will come handy when you forget to carry your scrub while you are travelling or when you run out of your scrub stock at home and you are too tired to step out. Here’s what you can do – squeeze out a full lemon in a small cup and add a little sugar to the lemon juice. The mixture should appear like a scrub and should be thick enough for application. Rinse your face once with water and then gently scrub your own sugar n’ lemon formula on the face. Wash off after a few minutes and get that instantly refreshed feel. You can apply this scrub on your lips as well.

  • Lemon to tone down marks near armpits and elbows

As a result of excess melanin, many people have a discolored and hyper-pigmented skin around the high friction areas of their bodies, especially near the armpits and elbows. Try out this hack with some caution and start with gently rubbing a slice of lemon on elbows. Remember, areas near the armpits are tender and the acidic nature of lemon “may” give a burning sensation to some people. However, once suited, the bleaching property of lemon will gradually lighten the affected areas near such body parts.

  • Naturally Lighten hair with Lemon

Try lemon as a natural tone lightener instead of harsh chemical formula products. An hours before you hit the shower, squeeze out an adequate quantity of lemon juice and apply it on your tresses. Unlike chemical products, lemon juice will lighten your hair gradually, but safely and naturally. Use this hacks twice every week but be sure you conduct a ‘sensitivity test’ on your scalp before you proceed.

  • Lemon as hair mask, moisturizer and hair growth stimulator 

Turn a blind eye to those jazzy TV commercials that give a ‘guarantee’ of magical results. Mamma Nature has made products like Lemon, Coconut and Grapefruit, whose ingredients when combined will produce a naturally mild product with no side-effects. Apply this potion when you are relaxed or just before going to bed and do this regularly for a few days – results will start showing up!

  • Lemon Foot Soak

You’ll never get to know as to how celebrities and actresses keep their feet healthy and perfect, but we have a simple hack that will reveal their secret! Prepare a potion of your favorite essential oil like rosemary, lemon juice and warm water, enough to attain the level of your ankles in a shallow bowl then add to it about half a cup of Epsom salt. Now dip your feet in your own home-made foot soak and relax.

  • Wax em’ out with Lemon Body Wax

Worried about synthetic products in your body wax? Now make your own freshly prepared body wax at home, when you decide to do hair waxing. You will need to squeeze out one full lemon and add the juice to half a cup of sugar. Place the mixture in a microwave and let it rotate until it turns brownish and keep stirring every now and then until you find it good enough to stick and spread evenly on your skin. Let the mixture cool down and use it as a cold body wax.

  • Lemon to remove tan

Your feet and hands keep getting exposed to the sun and the result is ugly a looking combination of skin tones that you hate. You can exfoliate these patches by applying a mixture of lemon, baking soda and water on the affected areas with a tooth brush. Lemon juice works as a natural bleaching agent, while the baking soda with the help of toothbrush bristles will exfoliate dead peels of skins and reveal the real skin colour.


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