Ice and Heat Therapy During Injuries

Many times we injure ourselves while doing certain things. Athletics get injured during their practice or performing their acts. While some other people can get injury at any moment. One of the most common injuries is soft tissue injury. In these types of injuries different people use different methods. Some people use heat therapy where as some of them prefers ice therapy. But there are proper techniques to implement these therapies. Let us see how heat therapy and ice therapy can cure your injuries.



  • Ice therapies for your injuries

Ice is generally used for fresh injuries. But Ice can act as a medicine in many types of injuries like bleeding tissues, strains and even sprains. Ice is a natural element that can help you to reduce your pain. Ice therapy during injuries can help you to avoid many kinds of redness, swelling and reduces pain immediately. It also acts as a catalyst and increases the rate of healing the injury. Many times ice can also be used at the time of rehabilitation.The cold therapy or the ice therapy is also known as cryotherapy. This treatment does nothing but numbs the injured part of your body due to which you feel pain. Cryotherapy reduces pain but it does not cure the injured skin.

Ice therapy during injury helps you in many ways:

  • It numbs the injured area
  • Decreases bleeding in tissues
  • Prevents swelling
  • Reduces pain in muscles
  • Heat therapies for your injuries

When you have an injury more than 48 hours than this therapy is really beneficial for you. When heat is provided to the affected area the blood vessels present near that area starts to open wide, which helps you to overcome many injuries. You can use different methods like hot wheat bag, hot water bag, hot salt bag and many more. This therapy not only heals your pain but also cures the injury. When you are about to take a heat therapy you should take care of some basic things like the heat should not be hot it should be warm which will not affect your skin otherwise your skin will burn. Many people apply different techniques to avoid excess heat, like you can use a piece of cloth between the injured part and the warm substance to make this process safer. This heat therapy should never be used with new injuries as it can increase the flow of blood into the tissues which is not good for your injury. This therapy is also known as thermotherapy.

Heat therapy during injury can help you in many ways:

  • It provides relief in chronic pain
  • It can reduce the existing pain
  • It also reflexes soreness

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