Reasons Why You Always Feel Tired


After a hard-working day we feel tired which is a fact. But there are many who feel tired even with no work or very little work. Getting tired within few time is a matter of serious. It is surely a big reason hovering round you and you must checkout the reason for your tiredness. We have brought for you people few reasons that might be the reason of your tiredness.

  • Sleep apnea

It is a condition when your throat closes or gets narrowed during your sleep and interrupts your breathing repeatedly which result drop in the oxygen level of your blood and bad snoring. Now, makes you feel uneasy thereby waking you up frequently in night and make you feel exhausted the following day.

  • Underactive Thyroid

An underactive thyroid gland means you have very little thyroid hormone that is, thyroxine in your body and making you feel tired. It can also add weight in your body along with aching muscles.

  • Depression

Depression has a lot to affect your health. It makes you feel sad thus leaving you with very less energy. It can wake you up very early or don’t let you sleep in night hours which will make you tired. So friends, just chuck off your sadness as it is meant only to trouble you.

  • Diabetes

Too much sugar in your blood can also make you feel tired. Diabetes will no doubt decrease your stamina to do your work. Try to prevent this disease by regular checkup and proper fitness exercise.

  • Glandular Fever

It is seen mainly in teenagers or youths with sore throat, swollen gland and fever. Though it clear up in few weeks but its effect of tiredness can be seen for a long period of time. Don’t ignore such abnormalities. It can prove harmful later.

  • Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious. However, if you are constantly suffering from uncontrollable feelings of anxiety is a serious one as it can tremendously affect your life. It will make you irritating soon, tired, anger and so on.

  • Anemia

If you lack iron in your body then you are sure to have restlessness and tiring body. It is seen mainly in women in post-menopause but can also affect those who are still under long periods. So ladies, try to include maximum of iron in your diet such as banana, spinach and many more.

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It is a serious disabling tiredness that last for at least six months. It has irritating symptoms like soaring throat, joint pain and headache. Consult your doctor for such problems. Don’t take it easy.

  • Coeliac Disease

It is a kind of food intolerance. Here, body behaves badly if you have consumed gluten (found mainly in cakes, cereals as well as in breads. A kind of tiredness and irritating behavior is observed.

  • Restless Legs

It is a condition when your legs undergo uncomfortable sensations which keeps you awaken in night. Any type of jerk or intense ache in legs or if your legs move in night hours then you are under the threat of this disease.

Do not even think of ignoring such type of uncommon tiredness. If you find yourself under any of the above listed points kindly consult your nearby doctor. Being reluctant will not only trouble you but also the people near to you.


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