How To Avoid Getting Sick When Weather Changes

Prevention is better than cure. Changing of dates in calendar and shifting of season is inevitable. And what it brings on with it is variety of germs and diseases. The rise and fall in temperature, humidity and other atmospheric parameters can hit the immune system of the body and trigger many problems .Drastic change in temperature or sudden snowfall then sunlight will mark the growth and multiplication of many germs. Commonly found diseases are cold and cough , flu, other water-borne and air borne diseases. Cough and cold is the most common problem found throughout the year in any season.

Sick man blowing his nose in tissue paper on bed at home

Proper Sleep:

Your mind can affect your brain. If your mind is happy you can tackle any physical problem quite easily or you may break down sooner if your mind is sick, So keep away stress from your mind and body and keep yourself healthy. Yoga, meditation, music, long drives, pets depending on your choice can maintain peace in your mind.

Proper Food:

Obviously food increases the immunity power of the body. Nutritious and beneficial food can keep you away from many diseases. Say vitamin C rich foods which can keep you away from cold, protein rich dry fruits. vegetables and fruits. This can play a very major role in maintaining your body mechanism proper and fit.


The art of puncturing the part of skin can keep a general fitness of the body. It is used to release various toxins and unwanted materials through the skin.


Drinking water. Drink around 4-5 liters of water every day and keep your machine like body fir and fine. Fluids help in transporting the required to different parts of the body easily and flush out toxins easily. It can tackle germs and other foreign elements in a better way. These aids do not stop you from catching any disease but may reduce the complexity of the disease .Drink a glass of water before going out in the sun.


Bath daily. Keep your hands and legs clean , wash them with sanitizer and soaps once you are back from outside. Before eating ,hands should necessarily be sanitized properly.


Put masks on your nose when you are travelling out and you would encounter dust .Nose masks stop dust from entering and even can reduce the spread of communicable disease. And one thing even when you sneeze you should cover your nose with a piece of cloth.


Active body catches less problems than lethargic body. Active people are fit and found to have less troubles during change of season or any other environmental parameter disorder. They activate disease fighting cells.

Proper Outfit:

You should put on proper clothes, say warm clothes or a rain coat ready so that you do not face such problem. You should keep your lungs and ears safe from cool breeze. They have direct effect on throat.

So you can fight before the arrival of the disease and not surrender in front of the virus to attack our delicate body. Keep a good routine of food and other provisions and fall sick less.


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