10 Anti Ageing Recipes For Your Skin You MUST Try !

No one wants to grow old or rather no one wants to look old after gaining age. When you see someone of your age looking younger ,more fit, healthier you can’t stop wondering how flawless texture, clean and clear skin ,fit body can a person have. One cannot put off their sight from such an awe of body fitness.



  • Oils

Several oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, sandalwood oil, lemon oil are mostly rich in vitamins which can repair damaged skin, keep away wrinkles, pimples and reduce pigmentation and discoloration of skin.


  • Honey

A tablespoon of honey in lukewarm water can be very beneficial for complete functioning of the body. Honey, banana and curd can together form a face pack to be applied on face to get smooth and graceful skin.


  • Chocolate

Dark chocolate mask over your face, melted dark chocolate can give you a nourishing skin if applied as a face pack for few minutes because it has anti oxidant effects.


  • Physical Exercise

Swimming, dancing, cycling, walking on a regular basis can keep you fit. It can reduce weight, reduce flabs, maintain proper metabolism of body, improves muscular mass, flexibility and can keep you stress free.


  • Yoga and Meditation

These can keep a good balance of mental as well as physical health. This can keep you stress free, helps increase of immunity against diseases, reduces ageing, controls blood pressure, keeps your mood fresh hence give you a better social life etc.


  • Dark Chocolate

It can help in protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays attack. The major content of dark chocolate is cocoa, being a rich antioxidant it avoids inflammation. An ultraviolet ray wrinkles the skin. So to protect your skin from growing old with you be a regular consumer of dark chocolate.


  • Fruits and Vegetables:

They are the most nutritious and pure kind of food item which has no side effects hidden. Instead they help to cure varieties of ailments of the body. These can inhibit oxidation hence act as an antioxidant, which keeps skin healthy. Consuming vegetables in daily diet will keep you very healthy and fit.


  • Coconut Milk

It has ample amount of nutrients to make your skin soft, glowing and hence look young. In winters general dryness is present in skin and all the natural moistures are lost so coconut milk give proper moisturising effect to dry and wrinkled skin.


  • Papaya

Not only eating but applying of certain fruits and vegetables and specially their peels on face can act as a natural cleanser. It can remove off settled dirt from the deep pores of the skin and eventually make you look brighter. It makes the skin firm and strong.


  • Cucumber

This is a vegetable which provides chilling effect to the parts of faces in which it is applied .Generally these are applied on eyes for coolness and relaxation. They reduce dark circles under the eye and reduce the inflammation of the skin.

So here you change a little of your daily habits of living and diet menu to grow older a little later than usual. Youth is not only a phase it is the real beauty of life.


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