Build Muscle Without Going To The Gym

Nowadays, staying fit is a great factor to deal with. Some go gym and some install gym equipment’s for the betterment of their health. Some of us may not afford going to gym due to the lack of time and their busy schedule. So noting your inconvenience we have enlisted few ways which can be done without going to job and even it will help you build your muscles.


  • Walking Or Jogging:

This is an evergreen and universal workout where you can free yourself from numerous diseases. Addition to which it helps maintaining your weight proportional to your body and also helps building muscles of your body. A good jog or a speed walking can help you have a stringer cardio and bigger abs and your thighs stronger. You will soon feel that your baggy lose muscles of your arms or thighs are getting firm and stiff.

  • Squats:

Here you have to stand with your shoulder feet width apart, keeping your arms outwards straightly behind your head or in front of your head. Now begin by pushing your hips as well as butt back, thereby, bending at your knees. Look straight ahead. Meanwhile your chest should be in upwards direction as well as your back flat. Moreover, throughout your back should remain in the neutral position. Now, squat down as low as per your strength and pop backwards to the starting position just by drawing your heels. Even your weight should remain on heels throughout your exercise.
This workout ensures an overall development of your body with appropriate figure.

  • Push-Ups:

For this muscle building workout you have to lie down facing the floor. Extend your foot close to each other to the extreme point. Now both the palms should be placed by the side of your shoulders, each on either side. Now push your body upwards with your body straight and you have to breathe in. while breathing out, move yourself downwards, here your body should be straight with no bending in joints. This is the best one to shape up your triceps, chest, shoulder as well as the muscles of your core.

  • Crunches:

Here you have to lie on a mat as per your comfort. Now bend your knees such that it will be flat on the floor. Now crossing your arms in front of your chest and lift your shoulders facing towards your ceiling using your abdominal muscles and thus, pausing at the peak of your movement. Remember you should not lift whole of your back off the floor as this may result in back strain. Now, exhale as well as contract your abs as you move up. Again inhale as well as ease stop slowly going backwards till your shoulders reaches on the floor and controlling your body in the whole scenario.
This would help toning your midsection as well as strengthening your core muscles. Even this workout won’t allow you to gain weight.

  • Walking Lunges:

While in a standing pose you need to feet hip-width separately and then taking a giant step forward direction bent your knees at an angle of 90 degree. Then keeping your knees over your ankles and your shoulders over your hips and taking other step as well as repeating it till it is fatigued. You must do it ten of two to three sets with each leg.

Lunges are great for building your thigh muscles, thereby, giving you your legs more firm as well as stiff look.


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