Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Contact Lenses



Advantages Of Using Contact Lenses:

  • Contact lenses gives you excellent vision, it has short adaption period. They are comfortable to wear and also help in correcting most vision problems. They are easy to put on and to care for. They are durable with relatively a long life.
  • Contact lenses do not fog up as glasses do nor do they get splattered by rain or mud. They do not get in the way of your activities.
  • Many people feel they look good by using contact lenses. They feel that wearing glasses make them look a bit ugly.
  • Can be easily worn throughout the week without removal.
  • Contact lenses requires little or no cleaning, has minimal risk of eye infection if you follow the wearing instructions properly.
  • These are even available in tints and bifocals and are also available in spare pieces.
  • Simplified cleaning is required. Contact lenses are good for the health of your eyes and are available in most of the prescriptions.
  • Contact lenses moves with your eyes and allow a natural field view. There are no frames to obstruct your vision and greatly reduces distortion.

Disadvantages Of Using Contact Lenses:

  • Requires consistent wear to maintain adaption, it can even slip off the center of the eye more easily than other types. Debris can easily get into your eyes and under the lenses.
  • Vision may not be as sharp as it is in RGP lenses. Contact lenses do not correct all vision problems.
  • If you are going to wear contact lenses regularly, you need to clean and store them properly.
  • If you are wearing planned replicable lenses or disposable ones, you will have to be careful in following the schedule for throwing away the used lenses.
  • Contact lenses when compared to glasses, requires more visits to the doctor and a longer initial examination so as to maintain eye health.

So friends thus now you know how useful and advantageous contact lenses are for you. There are some of disadvantages that make them a bit hard to handle. But on the other hand if one wants to look better and feel that glasses spoil their looks can go for contact lenses. Contact lenses though a bit expensive than glasses but at the same time gives you a better view.


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