Few Ways to Lose Weight After 50


  • Walking:

Walking is the simplest workout ever. You can walk in your area early morning. Walking not only helps you reduce weight but also keeps your joints fine. You can ask your better half to walk up with you and the couple can make quality time with each other. Morning air adds freshness to the health as well as the sunrise will be boosting you enough for smooth working for the rest of the day. If you are to move alone then better carry your headphone and update your track with your favorite songs and groom with it in the park. One hour walking can help you burn hundreds of calories from your body. Friends you are going to have nice time then.

  • Yoga or Workouts:

If you cannot move out then do it in your home. Either you can call an expert to train you or just follow few workouts like aerobics, planks, squat, sun salutation and many more. Stretches in the workout would help you free your joints and make you more flexible than before. If your workout is tuff then do it, for four to five days, if they are simple do it regularly. Never ever begin your workout plan without consulting a doctor or a gym trainer.

  • Cycling:

Why not remembering your childhood days? Let your bicycle work again which is getting wasted in your garage. Go for cycling every morning for two to three kilometers. You can ask your friends to join you. This can be an entertaining workout. You would be reliving your childhood days as well as losing weight at the same time. Every day one hour of cycling will do the needful effectively.

  • Swimming:

Do you still swim? If yes then it is a good habit and must continue till you have the potential. Swimming is an effective workout to lose weight. Since it employs your whole body, right from your head to toes, therefore, it evenly sheds the weight. Besides, you will be improving your blood circulation as well as away from the cardio diseases. Every day one hour of swimming can do the needful.

  • Eating Habits:

Foods are an essential part of one’s life. One cannot excuse food whatever be his health status. But, you can be smart enough to choose your food. You must be selective for your food if you are plump. Eat healthy. Avoid soft drinks, junk edibles, excessive fleshy foods, sweets and other calorie adding foods. Avoid more of proteins, calcium, fiber based foods and water in your diet. You must drink plenty of water for your better health. You must drink milk regularly as well as egg in your diet. You can also include more of sprouts, fruits and juices in your diet.

Source: http://fitnesskites.com/


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