5 Health Benefits of Almonds


Strong Hairs:

The almonds when transformed into oil it forms the bets nourished for your hairs. If you have a regular complaint of hair fall or weak hairs and are prone to breakage then regular massaging your scalp with almonds oil can do the needful. If you have rough hairs and want it to make it attractive, lustrous, long and healthy scalp then you must also include five to six almonds soaked overnight.

Protects Against Diseases:

As percent studies and researches in Loma Linda School of Public Health, states, that consumption of almond five times in a week can lead to the reduction of heart attack up to fifty percent. The flavonoids content in the skins of almonds contains vitamin E helps work in synergy which reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also helps in controlling the blood cholesterol level. Further, it also helps protecting artery walls from being damage.

Stronger Bones:

Do you have kids in your home? Do you often feel pain in your joints? If yes, then you have a packet of almonds right today. Serve them almonds everyday at least five in a day. This will ensure stronger bone and teeth which needs care evenly.

Friend Of Health:

Are you health conscious person? Are in your diet plan? Well, it does not matter if you are in your eight losing measure, almonds will be helpful in any manner and in every way it can. It will not harm you in any way so just consume it deliberately without any stress of getting obese. You can have slim figure comparatively if you do not consume any of it.

Brain Friendly:

It is a traditional belief that regular consumption of almonds leads to efficient working of brain. There lies logic inside. It has good content of L-carnitine as well as riboflavin which helps boost up the activities of brain. Thus, it helps you to retain information for longer period of time. It also helps prevents the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So serve yourself and child with a glass of milk for effective results.

Sounding Nervous System:

Regular consumption of almonds, lead to sounding nervous system. It helps increasing the level of intellectual longevity as well as its level. In fact, it has the property of alkalizing body, which is a property found seldom in some nuts. Isn’t so amazing, so small almonds and is a bundle of health benefits. So friends, just rush to your local market and get them.

It is very important for you to store them properly. Since these are expensive so you should waste even one of them. Keep them in an air tight container so that oil do not go rancid. Bette to store it in your refrigerators where they can survive up to two years, as per the estimation of Almond Board of California.

Almond oil is good for cooking at high temperatures with high smoke points. You can also use it in your scalp and massage for good hairs. You can also use it in your baby’s skin for beautiful skin. Better to consume it with skin as it shares much more health benefits.

Source: http://fitnesskites.com/


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